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Quality Control
From the beginning itself, we maintain our documentation process through a CASE (Computer Aided Software Engineering) tool. For that, we use enterprise architect of sparks systems.

EA supports the UML 2.0 specification, which describes a visual language by which maps or models of a project can be defined.

EA is a progressive tool that covers all aspects of the development cycle, providing full assistance from initial design phase through to deployment and maintenance. It also provides support for testing, maintenance and change control.
We always emphasize to deliver hassle free product to our clients. For that reason our quality control team always adopts new technology to test product at different level.

Our Experienced Quality Control Team Does :
  • Black Box Testing
  • External Functionality
  • Integration Testing
  • System Testing
  • White Box Testing
  • Code Testing
  • Database Testing
  • Alpha Testing
  • Beta Testing
  • Cross Browser Testing
  • Installation Testing
Bug Tracking
We use the bug tracking system bugzilla, which all individual or group of developers use to keep track of outstanding bug.

It Helps to
  • Track Bugs and Code Change
  • With Team Mates
  • Submit and Review Patches
  • Quality Assurance (QA)
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