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Employees Time Scheduling Attendance and Payroll Software

Employees Time Scheduling Attendance and Payroll Software

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DRPU - Employee Planner (Employees Time Scheduling Attendance and Payroll Software)

Employee Planner Software is easy-to-use solution for any company or organization to simplify the time consuming task of employee scheduling/planning. Employee scheduling software helps to maintain shift schedules, day-to-day attendance records, leave details with complete payroll details of all employees. Employee planner is best scheduling tool that lower the administrator costs, save time and build to meet your specific business needs.

Employee scheduler software generates reports of company details, employee details (official details, salary details, leave details etc) that help to keep track of overall records in paper form. Powerful staff planning software can easily adjust in any business frame and provide automated solution to get rid of paper records scheduling complexities.

Employee Planner Software is perfect solution for any organization including –

  • Call centers and Help Desks
  • Fire Departments
  • IT firms
  • Hotel and Hospitality
  • Transportations Services and many more.

Software General Features

  • Multiple company employee records can be easily maintained at one place.
  • Maintain employee daily shift records and automatically check for any scheduling conflict.
  • Easily maintain staff in-out details to let you know which employee is in or out of office.
  • Easy way to maintain each day attendance records of company employee.
  • Keep track of employee leave details (Casual leave, Sick leave, Marital leave etc) and tour/training records.
  • Maintain accurate details of employee salary along with deductions and increments.

Advance Features

  • Password protected – Password protection feature of software prevents unauthorized users to access company records.
  • Generate payroll payslip – Business payroll software generates payroll payslip of employee with flexible print options.
  • Tour and training pass – Facilitate users to generate pass for employee going for tour or training.
  • Extensive reporting capability – Employee activates Schedule software allows users to generate Company details reports, Employee reports, Employee list which can be easily previewed before printing.
  • Data connectivity – Data connectivity feature enables users to connect selected company database records to use its information.
  • Data Backup and Restore – Facilitates to take data backup which can be restored using backup file in case of failure or accidental deletion of original data.

Software Requirements:

  • Processor: Pentium class or equivalent processor
  • Memory Space: Minimum 256 MB RAM
  • Free Hard Disk Space: 10 MB free hard disk space

Operating System:

Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows 2000 etc.


Employees Scheduling Software

Employees Scheduling Software

Advantages of employee planner software (Employees activities scheduling software)

Employees activities scheduling software

Employees activities scheduling software

Employee scheduling software as popular part in enterprise resource planning provides convenient and simplest way to manage employee’s activities including leaves staff shifts records, staff leaves details and attendance information along with the complete payroll details. Excellent staff scheduling program easily automates time consuming task of managing employees scheduling task. Employee schedule program (or staff scheduling software) is used to manage entire details of your company employees all at one place. Staff schedule software (also known as time and attendance software) helps you to manage attendance and time details of employees. Appointment scheduling software automatically generates reports of your company details, employee information. Time tracking software easily maintains day to day attendance records and staff in or our details of your company employees in efficient manner.

Staff software maintain entire details of your company employees such as attendance details, salary information, leaves records, daily work performance and other details in efficient manner. Act as Employment software to handle multiple company records in simplified manner. Payroll software known as employee’s salary software provides comprehensive solution for effective employees salary management. Payroll programs offer you quick way to manage salary information of your company employees. Employee time software is very helpful for retail chain managers or large business firms to generate an optimal schedule ahead of time. With the help of our Appointment schedule software you can easily saves your valuable time and automate time consuming task of employee scheduling. Appointment software has ability to manage entire records such as shift timings details, vocations details, tour and training details of employees, meetings and daily work performance records.

Need of employee planner software?

Need of employee planner software?

Need of employee planner software?

Time attendance software is designed and developed by the proficient software developers to help the business managers and save their valuable time. Reducing labor cost is the most important for the successful business. Reliable and easy to use time and Attendance software is fully password protected. Personnel software easily sums up entire working hour, calculate in time, out time, over time that will help you generate payroll details without any pay slip format of employees. Employee software is the best solution for small organizations, large business and midsized organizations. Employee attendance program easily reduces scheduling head ache and increases the revenue and productivity of the business. Leave software provides a facility to generate payroll slip with printing option.

Payroll calculator program provides data backup and restore facility to prevent data from all data loss situations for future reference. ERP Software act as a Booking software has advanced features to schedule employee daily activities for better management of employee records. Employees leave software has wide range of reporting option and helps you to view reports different time periods. Shift schedule software is very helpful for planning and human resource management. Work schedule software allows you to generate company details and employee’s details in very proper manner. Payroll system or payroll services can improve your business organization performance and productivities. Payroll download software can be used as the perfect solution for simplifying the management of workflow of your business organization. Salary employee software is compatible with different Windows operating systems with GUI working interface.

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